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So in the last post, I mentioned how I hesitantly agreed that Jay and I should stay friends. And how that was basically one of the worst decisions I have ever made. Ever.

No, it wasn’t the fact that I had a hard time getting over him… I got over him pretty quickly, for I am a pretty resilient gal! It was just the fact that…I was SUPER over him.

Until a few weeks after we declared our “everlasting friendship”, Jay and I were fine, maybe even a little more than fine. We went to the gym together, had lunch together at times, and had (maybe too many) friendly conversations via text/facetime. For this short amount of time, it felt as if we really were just good friends. But after a few weeks of this seemingly perfect friendship, he went overboard.

He drunk messaged/called me often, which he KNEW I hated from when we were dating. He continued to call me the pet names he called me when we were dating, the stupid little things like “bae” or “baby”. For fuck’s sake, didn’t YOU break up with ME because YOU didn’t want to be with ME anymore?!

I couldn’t take it any longer, thus I literally told him that I wasn’t his “bae” or “baby” and that he should probably just stop fucking calling me that. Well shit, he did not take that well, for he acted like a little bitch ever since my little remark (details not really worth mentioning).

This was the start of me distancing myself from Jay utterly and completely. He texted me good morning everyday still; I ignored them all. He double, triple, quadruple texted me, thinking that maybe the reason I wasn’t replying was because I didn’t receive the first 87384 texts he left me. He called me several times a day, wondering where the hell I was (newsflash, I just did not enjoy your presence anymore!) He snapchatted me snap after snap; he just would not get the hint.

At times when I got even a day’s worth of “break” from his consistent notifications, I both silently and expressively celebrated, thinking maybe he finalllly got the hint! …….and thennnn of course my phone dings!

“I don’t think of you as my friend anymore Jay.”

“I don’t want to stay friends anymore.”

“I think I am much happier when you give me some space, Jay.”




I’ve lost count of the number of times I told him something on the lines of those^…yet he still would not leave me alone. I just did not understand, and neither did my friends. They were all just simply baffled, for they knew how initially, I was just devastated one, and now, he was one desperate fucker. By this time, I not only despised him, but I was very disgusted and creeped out by him.

Yeah sure, it’s possible that he WAS over me and that all he really wanted from me was to remain friends. And yeah sure, maybe I was a bitchy motherfucker. But frankly, I think if Jay had really really cared about me, he would have had the courtesy to respect my needs. Yeah sure, he WANTED to be friends with me. But I NEEDED him out of my life.

Not only was he too attached (and kinda creepy TBH), but another reason I just could not handle him anymore was the fact that yes…I’ve moved on to other guys. I started dating/hooking up with other guys maybe a few weeks after our breakup, and I would literally CRINGE whenever I would be with them and then see Jay’s name pop up on my phone. I obviously did not want the new guys I was interested in to think I still had feelings or a thing with my ex.

I needed some God damn space. My new boys and I needed some God damn space.

I wanted to move on but he just would not let me.

So I simply cut him out of my life. I deleted his contact from my phone. I blocked him on snapchat. I deleted all my Instagram photos of him (even the ones from before our romantic relationship). I don’t know why it took me the amount if time it took, but I did it! And I can honestly say… I am truly happy. I was never this happy during my relationship with Jay, to be completely honest.

And good news! It has been almost a month of complete and utter silence from Jay. No snaps (obviously, because I blocked him), no texts, no calls, no FaceTime requests.

This is how Jay and my relationship should have ended in the first place. We had no fucking time to remain friends. This was the way it should have ended, not the awkward friendship that pretended and ignored the fact that we used to bone every chance we had lol.

Now, Jay is out of my life.

I should probably eradicate his Facebook information from my memory now.




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  1. I’ve just read your posts. And omg the amount of things I could relate to. I too went through that after-relationship-awkward-friendship stage. It did not do me any favours. And when I tried to end all communication, he just became my stalker. Thank god the pair of them are out of our lives ☺️


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