fuck mother nature

YEAH so how awesome is it that tomorrow I had plans with a boy that involves a bed, a penis, and a vagina…and I happen to start my period LITERALLY just now, as I am typing this horror-stricken sentence?!

This boy we speak of, whom I will refer to as DS. DS was born into a wealthy family, a family with 3 kids, him being the middle child. He went to my middle school for all three years and high school for about a year, until he transferred to a boarding school in a completely different state 4 hours away. We both are currently on spring break, which explains how we are able to plan to chill tomorrow.

I was utterly and completely in love with DS all throughout middle school, for I thought he was the cutest (in a dorky way) and the nicest boy I had ever met. But when we got to high school, we completely lost contact bc a) he stopped talking to me (probably because he heard from other people how I was basically in love with him) and b) he started boarding school 2nd year of high school.

We continued this “break” until last year, one very special day of my junior year (11th grade for y’all folks who have different school systems) DS randomly added me on snapchat and sent me a snap saying “Hey ___, we haven’t talked in awhile!” oh hello 😉 😉

And ever since that day, we have been snapping literally everyday (not to brag, but we are indeed each other’s #1 bff’s lmfao). We hooked up several times thus far, whenever he would be home for his monthly breaks from the rich-kids-institution. And tomorrow was supposed to be THE DAY for the big 3-lettered word, s.e.x.

*Disclaimer* I’m not even looking for a relationship at the moment! I start college at the end of this upcoming summer, and who the fuck wants to carry a bag of burden on your shoulders as you are entering a whole new chapter of your life that will have 6x as many guys, or should I say MEN.

If there is one thing you take away from reading this post…it should be the fact that you don’t need to be in a relationship to have fun and to experiment. If there is a boy/girl (or even more than one) you are physically attracted to, but emotionally you are EH, then as long as it’s been mutually discussed and agreed, y’all do whatever y’all wanna do behind closed doors.

Go have fun.

Just stay safe.

And just pray to God that you won’t be as unlucky as me and that Mother Nature won’t fuck you up xo